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SSHS Class of 1964

Seymour Senior High School, Seymour, Indiana

55 Year Reunion Scheduled

Date: September 14, 2019

Time: 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Place: Chateau de Pique

Seymour, IN

Reunion Band providing the music

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E-Mail Addresses Needed For:

Dennis Allman, Tom Bast, Marlin Foist, Shella Gottfried Smith, Darlene Holt Shelton, Kenny McKain and Connie Wright Redford

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Old Website Removed

I removed the old website from the Internet today, May 24, 2019. If there are features that you would like for me to add back to this site please let me know. I've kept all the files so I can reproduce any content that you would like to see.

I started the old website as a way to publish my book on Family History in 1999. Over the years the coding for the site became very cluttered and hard to manage. So breaking the Class of 1964 content out of the old site and rebuilding the family history site made it easier to manage both pieces of content.

You can e-mail your suggestions to me at purple "E-mail Me" link above."